6:47 not Muggy


The condensation on the grass, the sun warms the former place of production.  The effort of preceding generations in clearing this field forms the shadowy perimeter, the effort of the present precludes arboreous reclamation yielding the stage for early morning sightings of fox, deer, bear.  Yet there is still the upward reaching, straining to repopulate while there is still time.  Another solar cycle under the very brief Homo belt.  30,000 out of Billions.  Will the reclamation prove more durable than 30,001?



Tmax100, Nikkormat FT, 28 mm f/2.8


Work to be Done


The stored resources are insufficient, the path to replishment is dimly lit.  The committed will withstand the challenge.  With sweat and soreness the hearth will heat.  Pushed up from the ground, pulled from the atmosphere, harvested and returned to the source while yielding the sun’s stored warmth.  Home will be a secure place this winter.


Tmax100, Nikkormat FT, 105 f/2.5

con Ascension


Once the gate is opened, the vigorous and inquisitive will ascend to the unseen heights.  This equation implies two inputs, the will to open the gate and the willingness to expend the energy.  The powerful are faster to find the dessert …………or destruction.   But all who do the work stand to reap the reward.  What to think about those who will not open the gate?  And of those who do, those with a reality limited by electronic photons believe they have but a few steps to ascend, such is Homo.  The Sapient see no conclusion, it remains to be found.




Fomapan 100, S2, 50mm f/1.4



Power rusting by the roadside, its work done but yet it sits as a reminder of the hominin tendency towards entropy.  Homo unearths the raw materials from their cosmic burial, directs the work of eons to reshape and create, then fuels the tools by even more exhumation of the eternal.  Thermodyne!  Why shouldn’t the sapient fear premature burial?

Temple to Industry


The ramp, the concrete terminus growing into the creeping eternal, the wooden portions gone and now forming substrate for the growing.  Two lifetimes ago this marked the place where subterranian resources from afar were reloaded for local redistribution by using the Power of Gravity.  A different kind of gravity now infests the place.

Quid est ius?


Separating the shadow from the object is a terminated perforated barrier.  What else might lie on either side?  Before going further, Mortense, you need to decide which side.  The reality is hard and limits exist to the perceptual field.  No barrier but no further knowledge of what is in Shadowland.   Exploration and discovery is the alternative to the field of knowledge.