Retinal Elysium


The solar macula on the retina of the firmament, brushed by pre-emergent deciduosity.  Where lies the end?


Behind the Curtain


The overhead power pulls back as a drawn curtain  revealing the stage of decay, reclamation, and renewal.  Soon the verdant will conceal Homo history and abandonment.


Arches 2

Ritual history of prior production now reclaimed and presumed lost.  Until the bulldozers arrive.  Nothing will withstand the nonsapient Homo, swimming in the pond of desire.  Until the lillies in the pond, which double every day, fill half the pond.  Watch out!









All the markers of success, a house unit in a suburb with sidewalks and a convenient home of the invisible sapience.  It is needed to be central as this relieves the wings of the necessity, replacing the mind with the ritual.  And for many that is  probably the best that can be hoped for.  Should one  celebrate or despair?  Where are the children?