This my last post here.

I – we – do not have the irreplaceable hours to spend more time on an electronic device, something we should realize sooner rather than later. A failure of sapience on my part.

I will periodically update my Flickr pages, ppsfilm and ppscolor58. I leave my favorite images I’ve made there. If you’d enjoyed my images, please feel free to visit, have a look, and drop me a note.

I hope whatever I’ve done here will have some meaning.

Gnomus, a.k.a. Retrocrank


Sunday always comes after Saturday. One day follows the previous. It is a feature of the homoncular nomenclature that Sunday does not precede Saturday, but it is an immutable feature of the reigning Boltzmann Brain that this day does not follow the next.

Kentmere 100 / Microdol-X 1:1