Deceptions of Imprisonment

under eaves

Access to the kingdom is more difficult than a camel through the eye of a needle but life can be simpler.  Is under the roof the protective haven or a restrictive prison?  which way does the passage lead.  Traffic must vary as multiple potential passageways can be seen leading one to imagine that access either way is not encouraged.  Elsewhere on this edifice it was found, however, that there is no limit.  Appearances can be deceiving.





Remnant Life


Boxboy, take note.  Remnants are kept and moved on to the purveyors further down the line.  Castaways are thrown to nature to do what they will, their organization now gone.  Random distributions means we see all sides of the problem here.  Borne of a sapient need now found to be surplus these resources are now neglected off some back path in the woods, to be someday stumbled upon by a man with a camera.






Threatening reality


The past labor of field clearing (in anticipation of an annual harvest) is clear to see if not fully appreciated.  What is less clear is the bounded space and less so the sky above.  Muted tones in the distance mean snow is on the way.  Time for winter cover – a threat or the reality depends only on perspective.  Throw your arms open to receive the inevitable.





F3 / 50mm f/1.4 / Kentmere 400

Hands across The Water

walton pond in december

Heads across the Skye.  That was once sung about Admiral Halsey, or was it Uncle Albert?  The Admiral will not be found on this water, not today.  Canoes at rest, pavillions empty, it’s not the time.  Within a densely populated confine it is a privilege for those desiring to live up to the promise of sapience to find these places of retreat, moreso when seasonally abandoned.  The promise of quiet solitude interrupted only by the internal radio, this is where renewal really happens.  Renewal of a confidence that there is purpose to knowing.  That the Hominamob is a distraction from the boson of awareness.




F3 / 50mm f/1.4 / Kentmere 400