Re-Cursive (non)


Self-reference is an interesting phenomenon.  In the absence of sapience, the concept may not be relevant.  Perhaps this could be a test of competence going forward?  What is more critical here, though; a bit of recursion or the filled defect in the background pattern?  Is any recherché without flaw?




Nikkormat FT / 50 mm f/2 / Kentmere 100


It’s been a long time


H. sapiens has been modifying its surroundings for more than a few decades.  Entire lives were lived within the confines of a small space yet more expansive minds were able to capture and nurture a work output.  Creation was enabled.  Now the issue with sapienism seems to be the self-awareness of what one does and whether or not that reflects technologic progress, an inherent characteristic of certain humanoids, or a universal constant over time.  These scene, from atop a tower holding a display of the many ways the historic crowd multilated and tortured the nonbelievers, argues for the power of the sapient over the non, despite general evidence to the contrary.





Rolleiflex, TriX

Perception Erros


Perceptions of the external world are conditioned by internal expectations, as passed through filters both intrinsic and extrinsic.  One might argue that the sapient Homo will at least attempt to identify the filters and adjust accordingly.  Too often the perceived reality is accepted at face value, what should be clear lines and sharp boundaries are distorted – and it is human nature to bend those lines towards one’s own favor.  What is in the shadows, the non-binary?  The nonsapient do not consider this.  Where are you, Little Sparkleberry?





FM / 50 mm f/1.8 / Kodak Gold


Vine And Wall

Rising from the dead crotch of nonsapience, why, it looks like a new exploring life.  Not so McGee, it is merely the houseplant put out for sun.  Ancient works of H sapiens to contain the rushing waters now serve as protection from the creep of the masses, protecting the winter’s heat.  New life looks on, unaware but yet protected.  The  nonsapient is protected by the sapient, a one-way street.





Get to Work


It’s the cycle.  From nothing comes the chlorophyl, then months of photosynthesis, renewing and replenishing.  After awhile like greying hair it all winds up and  will soon be down.  Months of easy walking become treading across the productive past.  On the other side, will the nonsapient is unidirectional.  As the Avenger takes the inevitable actions, only one appears to be unmoved, and so it goes.




EL/50mm f/14/Fomapan100