Bernard Prunesquallor

A blogosphere doppelganger, Bernard Prunesquallor is my visual attempt to comment on the ideal of sapience.  As noted elsewhere, I prefer film to electronic sensors, carburetors to computers , bicycles vs motorized commuting, rational thought to rationalization, capability to dependencies, and an industrial aesthetic based on function rather than marketing.  I’ve been accused of being a Luddite, but Retrocrank fits better as it’s a conscious choice rather than a blind adherence.

I will only post images here that I have made, developed, scanned.  I don’t do post-scan processing and I don’t do anything fancy with the film or development.  Just do what the manufacturers recommend.  Do not use my images without my permission, I should not have to tell you.  These all originated with film cameras, I have the negatives and they are cataloged by date, should there ever be any question.