The third eight of 32 in a three minute reality, a real act of patience in the photonstreaming reality, here is another bridge.  This one was already old when the three minute wonder ruled and has been rebuilt by the time of Connectedness.  Will Homo so easily accommodate the Singularity?


Where to from here?


A Staircase to the unseen vs. a path to the unknown, that is the appearance.  Both remnants of a pre-alluvial epoch, the latter preserved by the presence of a rope swing just over the rise and down to the bank.   The former simply lands one in a debris-laden cellar.  But isn’t that always the choice?





There is a particular beauty in a pleasing arrangement of the otherwise wild, it’s been tamed or so it might be believed.  Homo sapiens enjoys a special relationship with the surrounds as the only creature capable of sensing it as it is desired to be sensed.  And maybe that’s the source of beauty.  Pity the nonsapient?  Or is that a lucky majority?

Back to Man


Level it all, erect the edifice to entrain the nonsapient and sapient alike, arrange the inevitable in a pleasing fashion and let’s put a few small windows to allow the contents to view the arranged outside.  Is viewing the arrangement a happy thing or is it a reminder of the etiologic destruction, a cause for despair?

Nonsapience on parade

Trash Lake

This must be the work of the Homo erectus parent of the hello kitty child.  A pleasant misty morning on the reservoir with a cup and bottle from national chains left behind by a  former occupant of the seat.  Now, not a pleasant place to enjoy the view into Das Birkenwald from across the water.  What kind of creatures do this?   My despair only deepens.  One could only hope it’s limited to just one family but I don’t think so.  May Day, May Day!