Exhaustion Keeps the Distance


Unable to go further, snuggle into the concrete corner, at least there is light and drainage.  The others watch enviously.

FP4+ / Signet 35

In focus


With the passage of time, Norton, the need to say anything further has diminished, the points have been made.  Henceforth commentary on the relationship of the interlude between past and present and the impact of sapience and its lack will not be the routine.



FP4+ / S2 / 50mm f/1.4



The secret door prepared to admit the prepared, the eye of the needle through which no camel succeeds.  Approached by a mission in white, shadows are the dominant presentation of the escape from the present path.  How many predecessors have marched past, failing to note that looking in the window shows oneself and not the contained.  Mirror mirror on the wall.



The Difficulty of Innovation


The rectilinear construct interrupted by the unique – but wait we see that this is not so.  What appears to be novel was anticipated.  A trick by the architect to build excitement that the edifice might contain something new and unexpected.  It must be important, the handicapped are accommodated.  Or does that symbol represent the true state of Homo’s valuation of honest creation?  An attempt to model the permanent; beyond is the true fractal geometry of the unplanned, yet it can be anticipated independent of the hominin intervention.


FP4+ / S2 / 50mmf/1.4

Ready to go


Books not yet in the basket, leaves not yet off this tree, leaning on each other both mutually embrace the present yet impermanent.  The perspective on both determined by a moving source of illumination.  Which will come first, Sparky,  when the now future becomes the then past?  If the local bell tolls soon, the dim doorway might yield the determinant.