Bags of Protoplasm


On a recent trip to a shoreline I was observing that people are in fact mobile bags of biology but little more.  Strutting about in various states of dress, unabashedly showing man-made markings of tattoos, and in many – ?most- cases devoid of pride of form.   H.sapiens implies a self awareness but little was evident.  Ah but my calculus is in error, self awareness is not the same as self critique.  Where does Beethoven fit?


Barn Door

When passages are encountered, decisions are needed.  One can avoid the decision by not entering, in which case the known – even though hot, weedy and buggy, is chosen over the unknown.   The other side of the door might hold fascination.  But which door?  Does greater effort to enter equate to a greater reward, or just a greater chance of a broken arm?


Nikon F/Photomic FT, Fomapan 100, Nikkor-O 35 mm f/2

Bleak only in Outlook

Winter waterS

I imagine most creatures who would see this first see a bleak and barren scene.   Hardly.  There is thought, creativity, and aware work – the characteristics of the evolved homo sapiens- in the centerpiece.  This was the view at an  old dam about 3 months ago, taken from the road.  Now that the leaves are out, this can’t be seen because the foliage is  so lush.  And, the vines are growing rapidly which makes it even worse.  Rich with poison ivy and poison sumac.

Humanoids are given brief views of creativity, and the realization of thought via effort.  Most of the time that can’t be seen because of the leafy attentional static of the invasive digital world.  Stuff that will irritate you – but not just when you’re involved with it, rather the next day.  Except in the Real World most Humanoids need more robust irritation to wake up to it.  To appreciate subtlety is linked to appreciating Beethoven.  The surface is what it is, sometimes grand and sometimes not obviously but always there is deep, deep content.  Wake up.  It’s a bleak outlook otherwise.


Nikkormat FT, 35mm Nikkor, Kentmere 100 (at ASA50), yellow#8.

So Square


To be square was at one time the put-down of the Establishment by people who resisted violent answers to things.   Which,  since those we elect hold the license to use violence at will, means those people resisted authority.  I have no problem with that, since historically authority shows itself to be fairly free of evidence of thought other than how to line their pockets or get their genitals massaged.

Resist the digital urge.  The digital world is the New Establishment.  Amazon/fb/Google – we’re trapped.  Resist and break free.

This is  another image  on Fomapan 100 from the Vito II.

Fenced In

Barn Gate

Old equipment sometimes helps one see the moment.  I was riding my bicycle around and had a camera from the early 50s with me, a Voigtlander Vito II.  First of all, humanoids aren’t capable of making something like that anymore.  It would now have to be Made in China of awful parts with compromised engineering.  This thing feels like a little tank, it’s beautifully built, and the parts that I  can see look like  somebody really thought about it.

one has to either think or  guess about the focus and exposure with an instrument like  this.  Which is why they’re cheaply bought now.  Nobody wants to think.  I do.  I won’t consider the nonthinking to be human.  Homo  something but not a sapiens.

I saw this old tobacco barn on a fenced lane and though there are a lot of things like this.  We’ve shut ourselves off from that.  The lock on this gate looked like it hadn’t been touched in years.

Grasping fools

Reaching Out 2 17 F3 24 K100.50

Since when are any of us good enough to think we dare capture a moment of the eternity?

I enoy old machines and so I enjoy film, processing film, and my concession to the digital world is that I scan my negatives and do little darkroom work.  I don’t have any post-scan image manipulation software, so what shows here is what the camera/lens, film and developer fed to the scanner and the scanner fed to the computer.  Scientific data about one instant in one place, but we can’t identify both.

This is  on Kentmere 100, probably a 24 mm lens.




The Mob

The existence of websites is perfectly consistent with a world in which popular entertainment, self-help books written by people with no qualifications, facilitators of thought-free generators of 15 seconds of fame, failing to recognize the suicidal ideation  expounded by annointed moral superiors…. look around Squirt, it’s the world you inhabit, accept, and draw your lines of priority around.

A new mobocracy is replacing the glorius invention of civilization envisioned by the Rennaisance, realized by the Founders, and implemented by men who took the philosophic history quite seriously.

I only care because there is a win-less struggle.  Humanity gave us Beethoven, the Lumieres, Copernicus, Feynman, DaVinci, Dostoevsky.  Humanoids created invisible men, rituals, New York City, and a media to invisibly imprison those who could not achieve these levels.  Bring the common under their control.   In this way Humanoid seeks to overthrow Human.

The objective here will be to attempt to break free of the humanoid humdrum, use mechanical means to seek evidence of sapience, learn how to record and describe it.  My goal is to move from snapshot to content.