Solar Passage

The End

I’ve not seen the physical milepoast that dictates the end of a numerical series, of 365+ sunrises.  Whoever figured that out must be a Master Homo Full of Sapience, otherwise one would have linked the sequence to some event like the shortest day, earliest sunrise, or something.  But now this sequence will be soon pissed away, clearing the way to start the next.  Barring a Red Button of Homonoid.




F3 / 50 mm f/2 / Kentmere 100

Was ist Silvia, saget an…


Even when there is nobody to go there is still a way out.  Or in, the indicator itself does not reveal.  A reasonable presumption is there is an opposite but this arises from a social convention.  Patterns are used by Homo to infer direction; the nonsapient versions make the assumptions without considering the source of the convention.  Schubert reportedly went for long walks in the woodlands, alone without arrows.  This time it was a beer joint.





Vito II / Fomapan 100


Incomplete Harvest

Everything is off for the season.  Except one small stand, out of bravery, sacrifice, or just wet ground.  You see, Hornsquirm, just because something doesn’t look like it’s finished doesn’t mean it’s not done.  Or done for.  Another mystery or one could go over there and find out.  There might be bears.




F / 35 mm f/2 / Fomapan 100

The Office

Once An Office

once a man with a name called this his place of work.   did he walk, take a bicycle, ride the bus, park an automobile in the overgrown parking area?   perhaps the work was at night requiring the overhead light.  the edifice stands still the man is gone the work is gone.  what do these kinds of situations communicate about work, the nature of Homo, of creating temporary monuments to their interaction?  Do names have value beyond a means to be called for dinner?




F3 / 50 mm f/2 / Kentmere 100

House of God


Sapient Homos transit from creating shelter and warmth to daring Nature itself, moving the clouds themselves.  The jumble of thoughts with a Spartan elegance, interrupted by nonsapient solutions to the internal problem. In doing so one questions if the sapient retain that characteristic.  With few views to the outside, self-absorbtion becomes the reality.  The clouds gather on the horizon.




F3 / 24mm / Kentmere 100