Trapped by Transparency

Windows and Walls

The proverbial light looks like it’s on the other side yet you are trapped, Dunewanderer.  Light and shadow, concrete and glass, reality and reflections all conspire.  The source is distant and seemingly unattainable, yet it’s in you all the time.





Olympus Stylus, TriX

Get to Work


It’s the cycle.  From nothing comes the chlorophyl, then months of photosynthesis, renewing and replenishing.  After awhile like greying hair it all winds up and  will soon be down.  Months of easy walking become treading across the productive past.  On the other side, will the nonsapient is unidirectional.  As the Avenger takes the inevitable actions, only one appears to be unmoved, and so it goes.




EL/50mm f/14/Fomapan100


House and Posts

Reaching upward from the ooze, the nonsapient encounters construction originating from the bretheren, supported yet by others, yet is hemmed by stone and sky.  The crossing of desire with deliberation, echoed in the heavens.





F, 24 mm, Fomapan 100



Tides of change deposit much in their wake.  Some perish, ripped from the moorings.  Thousands of years of emerging Homo sapiens, flourished in Florence, given an opportunity to dominate on a piece of paper, realized in mathmatical strings, evidenced in the gift to Goldberg.  Yet Time Avenges, the Nonsapient Triple 6 carries the power of the seas, there is no permanent resistance.  Ripped from its moorings, the carcass of enlightment washes up on the shores of eternity.



F, NikkorO 35mm, Fomapan 100


Bicycle at the Reservoir in WinterStructure is found throughout, planted firmly and reaching ever upware.  One can sit and observe or one can attempt escape.  Ready to go, backs packed.  Can I really do that?  Or are all perceptions rooted in a structure and so inescapable.  Assuming one wants to escape…you’ve got to get on the horse first, Dooley.



Nikkormat FT, 35 mm, Kentmere 100