Boxing it Up

Apartment Block

The transition called ‘back to school’ has started, meaning that a segment of the population now trades hours of electronic tyranny for the opportunity to sit in a box and be exposed to Knowledge, sapient and otherwise.  The mass of culture is not proportionate to the static mass of human rather to the ability to transit its precepts.  Even then, the provision of the opportunity does not ensure its transmission.  Birds never build their own houses.  But are the houses built for birds really bird houses, or are they imaginary products?




Nikkormat FT, Nikkor UD 20 mm, Fomapan 100

Labor Day


Once each year the Working Man is celebrated.  Equating labor with work with effort should equate to a pleasurable day.  Here the farm is long quiet, one kind of work is taken over by another.  This is the lesson of Nature.  There is no relaxation, and no inherent pleasure.   And the current batch of hominids seems to confuse pleasure with loud motorcycles and self-mutilation.  Can the Singularity come soon enough?





Nikkormat EL, 50 mm f/1.4, Fomapan 100


Light One

A century or more ago, this mowed meadow was farmed.  Even on hot muggy August days, Farmer Robert and his sons were working this ground.  no work, no survival.  no effort, no reward but this time the reward meant something.  How much water did they drink to replenish the sweat spilled on this ground?  It is interesting that knowing this does not diminish the enjoyment of the scene when rounding this corner early in the morning.  Walking the Louvre or paying attention throughout Turangalila requires effort but the rewards of the entity are great.  How can the de-linkage of effort with reward characteristic of electronic entertainment be signs of sapienism?



Nikkormat FT, NikkorO 35 mm f/2, Fomapan 100



There was once a guy named Jim V., who loved to repeat the following phrase,

    I got rods in my pocket….

    It’s coitens fer youse….

            dey’s coitenrods!!! 

Pretty funny at the time, but like Orange Crush or fried chicken, it got old.   I can’t imagine even a warhorse like the Jupiter ever getting old.   It might be worthy of committing this to memory,  JohnBoy…..The pond is very shallow in the popular end.






Nikon F, 50mm f/2, Fomapan 100

What your Mother Saw

What your Mother Saw

Let’s all get up and dance to a song
That was a hit before your mother was born
Lift up your hearts and sing me a song
That was a hit before your mother was born

Your mother should know….

Hey there Bobbolunky, there were these Wizards once who made music approaching something.  This is an lyric extract from one of their lesser-known tunettes, but one that in its simplicity pulls the same strings as some of Grieg’s Lyric Pieces.



Nikkormat EL, Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4, Kentmere 100


Uncertain Walkway

I  don’t know if the behavior of Homo sapiens requires external governance.  Could be that Hs is poorly defined and in fact sapience isn’t required to be human.  Or, most are humanoidal and thus knowledge of H sapiens’ needs may not be relevant.  Either way, some sort of external standards and control over behavior seem to be needed.  These things are named by Isms and Cracys.  As you fully known, Little Humbucker, Humanoid presence is only a speckle of a moment in time.  Do these things matter?  Starbucks has added six flavors of Kombucha to its menu, so that brings the significance into focus.



Nikkormat FT / Fomapan 100 / Nikkor 20mm f/3.5

Share The Wealth



The amount of mediocre creativity out there is proportionate to the number of high-functioning humanoids.   Some recognize the Truly Great Humans, most don’t.  Among those who do recognize Human, some seek to approximate Human.  The Attentive Humanoid.


Is there any sin greater than being nonattentive?  Perhaps being an aggressive idiot, but the available evidence shows increasing that’s most of the homo sapiens (now there’s a misclassification, Stooge – go look up what sapiens is) so that’s not really a classification or a despicable attribute.  It’s just one of those areas where bypassing Darwin is bringing a swift end to H.s..


Say there, Spanky, have you recently heard Death and the Maiden?



Nikkormat FT / Fomapan 100 / 50 mm f/2

rest stop


Because there was a concern that working all the time wasn’t realistic, there had to be a day of rest.  Or so the legend goes.  The place of rest is all around us, can’t you see it there, Calvin?  It has to be made, and that is work but that is the satisfaction also.  What is rest without work?  and how is anything work?  So what is the reason to consider rest?  Happiness isn’t given, rather it’s earned and earned through effort.  As restful as this garden is, more happiness is given to its owner by the daily trimming, cleaning, raking, building and rebuilding, than anything about the space itself.  LazyBoy, go home.


Rolleiflex – TriX

The Line Between


It’s always the temptation to box the world, make it black or white.  Once that task is done, it’s time to start the arguments, regardless of how mindless it might be.  Some cry out that the world isn’t black and white but we should think of everything in shades of grey, and maybe that’s what humanoids should do.  But not strive for.  For you see, Little Sassafras, the world is actually dark and light, black and white.  But it’s not a sharp line if one gets down to it.  The division is granular and overlapping and even within each area there might be areas that aren’t as pure as one would like.  Perhaps those who have been the true contributors to Human, the DesCartes, the Feynmans, the Bachs, the vanGoghs – see the black and whites clearly and for what they are and in doing so did not fear them.  What about Newton?



Nikon FM – 50mm f/1.8 – Fomapan 100


Vinyard 1

Through this gate is the old vinyard, my dear Suturethrower.  Why did it cease?  notice the lack of sunlight?  when is the last time this planting saw the sun?  when is the last time you saw the sun?  Are you confusing the  light emitted by your electronic crutch as the sun?  the Son?  I believe we are letting our civilization rot on the vine with this substitution over the past decade or so.