Rigid Clarity


A remnant of the definition feature stands sentinal over the still-employed remnants of a regenerating cycle.  Left to oxidize stand the implements of manipulation.  Beyond are the  contrasts of what was and what will be.  What of this will persist for a century, a millenium, an epoch?  Or is this the vine on the tree, slowly crushing the existance of the seemingly permanent?




F / 35mm f/2 Nikkor / Fomapan 100


November Pond

The uncivil intrusion into another’s space can be problematic but is also subject to the framing question.  Where was once a swamp is a pond obscured by newly fallen leaves all overseen by the overarching solar input.  What is the original state?  a pond? a swamp? carbon-based life?  stellar fusion?  the First Moment arising with a boson-induced warp?  Sparkleberry, you need to think on this.




F / 24mm / Fomapan 100


The Nap

Sunday is good for sleeping.  Anytime is good for sleeping but for six of seven days the world intrudes.  True, Sparkles, we will sleep when we’re dead so why bother now, but perceptions ruined by sleep-deprived expectations are not error-minimized.  And why would one choose not to minimize perceptual error?  A nap on a sun-warmed bench is not just for felines.




VitoII / Fomapan 100


Building Waste

What do we have here?  Tubular waste alongside the edifice, placed by an unknown Homo.  For what purpose?  There appears to be no organization, or perhaps there is tremendous organization and the thought is not evident.





F3 / Kentmere 100 / 24mm

Triumvir pour la fin du temps


Onwards and upwards the sapient and nonsapient alike plunge, a consumerist destiny.  Prepared for duty we see three escape artists poised in their natural sty.  Make a reasonable assumption about the third and the Beast is contained within the image.  Still now, a mere artifact of halide chemistry.  Is there a third level of Homo?






F / 35mm f/2 / Fomapan 100

Meat and Potatoes

Wood, Stone,and Sky

Having served its purpose, the wooden pallet is placed against the large stones, having worked and still working.  Nature moves in.  Disuse and decay, no longer is the pallet a pallet.  If the Homo fails to attempt sapience does introspection remain?  Not an idle question, Little Humbucker.  Back to the Island.





F / Fomapan 100 / 50mm f/2



The sapient Homo needs time to ponder.  Maybe nanoseconds only but nonetheless the perceptual room to integrate experience and expectations.  Numerous pathways for information influx illuminated by grand reflections, the nonthinking squares beneath in their neat arrangement providing a certain order as the sapience substrate.   Always the emergency exit.