what’s behind the door

Red Doors

So Squiggly, here is a door to a concrete room dug into a hillside.  What’s it for?  a tomb?  a place to store dyno-mite?  a folly?  Every time you see a door you have to wonder, what’s back there.  And the lock makes it so much more of interest.



nikon F3 / 50mm f/2 / Kodak Gold

There are new things

tree and window

A tree growing in front of an old abandoned barn shows early buds in the Springtime.  No need in the world of happiness and pleasure, endless supplies of food, energy, comfort and love for an old barn that was once the centerpiece of sustenance for a family, a community, a village.  How quickly you have forgotten, my Little Pickleberry, how much effort is needed to keep you in tu-tus.



Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor 50mm f/2, Kentmere 100 at ASA50

Rocky times in the Hinterlands

Rocks and snow

No, Squid, stone walls in New England were not built to keep the animals in or strangers out.  They were put there simply because the early farmers who did the gut-busting work needed a place to put the rocks they dug up so that could have fields in which to grow the crops to feed their families.  Finding one coursing through a woodlands is always thought-provoking.   Can our tribal “society” begin to appreciate those who went before?

Going Down


Hey there Stoop – – think about arrows, they’re like my mood which is not unlike life itself.  In fact, life might just be my mood and little else.  Black and white and could go either way, depending upon which way you turn.  And always a cross in the background.


Nikon FM, Kentmere 100

Going UP


Ever been to the YooPee?  That’s northern Michigan, you Troll, the land God gave you the right to visit via the magnificent Mackinaw.  Designed to withstand infinite windloads in the shadow of Galloping Gertie.  I don’t think humans do that stuff anymore.  Too much emphasis on happiness and not enough on work.





There you are, my Protoplasmic Scone, the Light of The World.  Lightness keeps you up above the the Squallor (no, no family connection in case you wondered) but the gravelly base is ever nearby, worse yet you are easily trapped into the corner.  But which corner, the inward gravity trap, the outward cutting edge, or  worse yet swept into the concealed corner of history….Most likely the latter.  The Sapient Humans are those that had the brains, motivation, and effort to stay away from the corners.   All the other Homos just aim for the intersections, the easiest target.

Sunday is Church Day

Church 1

You Spook, ever ponder the eternal?   When one has the terminal chill, the power nap?  Fearing the unknown the Humanoid needs to have a Story of Reassurance.  An invisible world in which a SuperParent, one who always loves and protects, seems to be a constant across cultures, although I’d be the first to admit I’ve not made a detailed study beyond collegiate anthropology classes.  It’s been a good scheme insofar as it keeps cultures in conflict and has held back technology, thus preserving the Earth for your profligate ways in these final days.



Nikon F, Nikkor-O 35mm, Fomapan 100