Early on, it wasn’t Clear


Starting early the warm earth and the cool air yield that misty state that evades fog, drizzle, or rain.  As if one left one’s glasses on the dresser and forgot to put them on, imagining the effect of grandpa’s cataracts.  The beauty of avoiding the clear visage of Homo’s impact, just the fence that incompletely separates the maimed from the desecrated, it is temporary, soon to burn off revealing the stylized concrete walls.



Signet 35, FP4+

Come Set a Spell


Amidst the edificial collective appear sporadic gardenesque oases, an opportunity to have a seat, Sparklebun, and get a load off.  Designed to imitate or improve on what went before, it is in fact yet another trap.   The chair is anchored to its concrete pedestal, thereby ensuring an unnatural stability and immobility.  Denying the value of uncertainty requiring self-control and precluding decisions of honesty, these are the characteristics of the civilization that ceases to recognize Civilization.  The unseen laugh deafens.



Fomapan 100 / S2

The Value of Higher Education


The efficiency of formal education in modelling sapience necessitates molding the individual Homo in the image of a Committee Opinion.  From the bowel of the Institute marches the progression of product, each casting a small shadow holding back the tamed wild.  Monitored, this progression becomes the stream upon which history transitions to The Future, the sun does not set on the effusion.  Nothing here though to indicate a possible escapee from the Singularity.



Fomapan 100 / S2

The Creeping Tomorrow


Yesterday’s scene of little children clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon, the construct had extended benefits beyond the contained.  Today the inevitable has overcome the evanescent.  The eternal takes its usual charge, forcing out the human effort either overwhelming or filling in.  The pervasive vine is not the natural consequence of Homo’s accomplishment of protective shelter.



Despite the visual suggestive, Dewberry finds no continuous function within this construct.  Visual bits form arguments that the nonconcrete put together as a looping reality but without the ability to imagine what is not shown, this is but a display of shiny things.  And so it is with the common experience and the mass presentation, and maybe that leads to indigestion and indiscretion precluding investigation.   Do you know what you see?

Cross Purposes


The contrails of the usual are sectioned by the unexpected passage up and over the fenced heath.  We’ve seen this before but elsewhere, and so the sense of unexpected really means insufficient exposure rather than a first time.  There is nothing new, there hasn’t been.  But there might be.  How much longer do we have before Sapience is Surpassed by the Singularity?  Has it happened already?

Not quite


Homo likes to organize, contain, and arrange as a means of adjusting perception of the external to avoid distress over the frequently chaotic reality.   A vase of flowers, a box of tomatoes to be protected from extremes, set upon a wooden table.  But the corner is missing, risking the losing everything to the gravity of the situation.  Does this abrogate or confirm the security of the scene?  What is beyond the table?  Maybe these uncertainties are the roots of awareness instead of reflex.