I am Bernard Prunesquallor

Bernard Prunesquallor, the Fourth Disciple of Aldous Huxley and the great-great nephew of  Sinclair Lewis, who is no relation to Upton Sinclair.  Nor Dino.  Deep in the family history is Claude Monet and it is the encompassing Beauty of l’Orangerie that informs the perception of the Sapient Homo.  I do not despair for the human “race,” as did Twain, as I am even more skeptical than Twain there there is a reason for despair.  I am motivated to contribute to the digital world only because other means of communication have ceased to be relevant to the contemporary faithful.  I do believe that The Singularity will come soon, and will be remarkable in its impact.  An Obituary for the Thinking Human might be one purpose of my writing here.

As to my past, present, family I acknowledge little.  For there is little to acknowledge.  The idea of the Prunesquallor itself is as a doppelganger for thoughts presented without usual context, examinations of alternates that do not attempt to reflect the nonsapient but popular, an escape from the encompassing celebrated mutilating mediocrity.

I will only post images here that I have made, developed, scanned.  I don’t do post-scan processing and I don’t do anything fancy with the film or development.  Just do what the manufacturers recommend.  Do not use my images without my permission, I should not have to tell you.  These all originated with film cameras, I have the negatives and they are cataloged by date, should there ever be any question.