Symbols of power, elevated pathways created for the insolent yet that which preceded the quasisapient seeks to and will eventually dominate.  Those passing beneath have little notion of what awaits above.  Squidman, be aware of the paths and how they arrived, consider where they will go.  What will happen?


Late Summer Cool


The cool and dark belies the August heat, here seen warming the transport to another level.  Best to lay low, away from the forbidden zones.  This works well as long as the inattentive do not stray from the prescribed pathways.

Down the Line


Right down the line the Homo likes it, box up the reality and take a side.  OK to see it but the volleys from the other side get lobbed back and ground defended.  Ideas that don’t fit in the box are rejected although the lines are ultimately arbitrary.  Winners and losers is the dichotomoty; lo! the rare bench interjecting a continuum.  Now here is the opportunity for sapience in action.

August corn


Knee high by the 4th of July, it’s now later in the season.  This corn is aimed directly at Homo, and will fuel cognition in the coming days and weeks.  The ground will rest.  For a year.  Will the energetic value of this source be well-utilized, or merely applied to observing the last talented survivor climb the monkey bars?