Innen und Draussen

In andOut

One vertical clearly segments what is outside while the inside both reflects the outside and gives a clue what’s inside.  These kinds of confusions can complicate conduct.



These days I am experimenting with a Signet 35 / Fomapan 100.


Re Lease


Tension and release enhances interest.  Trapped in a tunnel, the external reflected to entice, windowed light giving encouragement.  And finally free only to encounter the fenced restriction of shiny things, tempting the simple to stay out of the hills.

Former Glory


The hearth, the centerpiece of stability since Homo found Fire.  Now alone, broken yet its chimney still upright, a ghost of glory from its former role.  Dead embers within tell stories of weekend revelry, distant from the seriousness of the creative effort and work that it once fueled.

Children at Play

vase in the window

Come out and play cry the two older children, the ice is gone and the air is fresh and warm.  Up the background stairs and into the woods.  Inside the arranged and dressed looks on, observing but not yet today feeling the heat of the sun, and in this case unaware of the imaginary warmth of her friends.